PAISBOA Honors Longtime Board Members

PAISBOA honored three long-time key volunteers for PAISBOA and the PAISBOA Services Corporation at the 2019 Annual Meeting. During the traditional awards presentation at the conclusion of the meeting, PAISBOA Board Chair Mark Gibbons paid tribute to each of our retiring Board Members.

Michael Noonan will be leaving the PAISBOA Board after 41 years of exemplary service at Friends Select School. One of the Founding Fathers of PAISBOA and a 2004 recipient of the John Batley Award, Mike was the quintessential secretary of the board and his minutes have provided the definitive history of PAISBOA.

Joe Van Bernum (right) will be stepping down as President of the PAISBOA Services Corporation when he retires from Overbrook School for the Blind in June after serving on the PAISBOA Board of Directors and the Purchasing Consortium Steering Committee. Another recipient of the John Batley Award (2015), Joe was acknowledged for his dedicated service to his school and to PAISBOA!

Also recognized was David Gold of the Haverford School, who is stepping down from the leadership of the PAISBOA Services Corporation and the Survey Gurus group after many years of distinguished service on the PAISBOA Board.

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