Purchasing Consortium

The Purchasing Consortium began operations in 1998 with the commitment of 30 schools that wanted to achieve savings through collective purchasing. The goal was -- and still is --  to assure quality products with a consistent high level of service.

Proven Savings to Schools
The Consortium has grown to serve more than 90 member schools that purchase over $6.5 million annually in goods and services. Estimated joint annual savings now total more than $950,000.
All vendors are thoroughly vetted and periodically reviewed by the Purchasing Consortium Steering Committee.

Application Required. One-Time Initiation Fee: $2 per student

Benefits include:

  • Savings of both time and money. No need to take cold-calls or research for best price.
  • All vendors are thoroughly pre-screened for best in class in terms of quality of service as well as price.
  • Oversight committee of Purchasing Consortium vets vendors for you.
  • Commitment to consortium helps all schools to benefit from special discounted rates.
  • Contracts with current vendors are periodically reviewed and re-bid.
  • If a vendor does not meet the high standards set by the committee, they will not be included in the re-bid process.
To Join The Purchasing Consortium:
  • Submit an application, downloadable AT THIS LINK. Print and return to PAISBOA, 301 Iven Avenue, Suite 315, Wayne PA 19087
  • A one-time initiation fee of $2/student, payable to PAISBOA
  • Contact Rachel Tilney at [email protected] for more information.

Purchasing Consortium Member Representatives Click Here